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A termite barrier treatment just might be the solve if you live in an area prone to infestation, or if your home has fallen victim to termites in the past. These treatments are when a chemical barrier is created around the house in order to prevent termites from entering. These treatments either repel or outright poison termites that attempt to fly or burrow into a home.

Methods of Administration

Various methods of administering termite barrier treatments exist. There are additionally some safety concerns to take into account. The information below will help guide you in your decision of if a termite barrier treatment is the right choice for your home.

Liquid Termite Barriers

Liquid termite treatments are able to be placed on a variety of surfaces. Some can be injected directly into the soil. Others can be sprayed on to hard surfaces, such as brick or cement. The liquids release toxic fumes (only for termites) and create an invisible shield that protects your home. Liquid barriers usually need to be replenished often. The benefit of this form is that it stops not only burrowing termites, but also flying termites.

Termite Bait Barrier

Termite bait is a granulated form of termite poison. It’s placed at various stations around the home. A termite carries it back to the nest, thus controlling the colony. Termites never even have a chance to access your home. These should be used with caution but are generally considered safe around kids and pets.

Soil Treatment Barrier

Soil treatments are when a liquid or crystal form of poison is worked into the soil – either by being placed directly in the soil or under paved areas. This often requires a professional to drill or cut pavement to allow for installment. Though this can be time-consuming, this is considered the most long-lasting and reliable treatment available.

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