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Twice a year you’ll want to arm yourself with a flashlight and take a closer look at your home for termite damage. Since termites are active 24-seven and almost year round, they are always looking to munch on the structural supports of your home. They can cause up to $3-4 billion worth of damage a year.

Peak Season

Thanks to monsoons, termite activity reaches its peak during August through November. But they are also really busy from January through April – when rain loosens up the soil. As the ground gets harder in May through June, they tend to slow down.

What to Look for

If there are termites in your home, you will most likely see mud tubes on the concrete stem wall of your home – this is the section at the bottom of exterior walls, usually where stucco or siding ends. These mud shelter tubes are thinner than a pencil, and can be pale yellow to tan in color. Splitting one open may reveal something that looks like whitish ants. These are actually termite nymphs.

You’ll want to use your flashlight to zero in on the tops of your walls – especially the corners, while looking for suspicious bubbling in the paint. Double check closets as well.  Also take a closer look at all painted wood trim around windows and doors. This should include the garage door. Also keep your eye out for small holes in wood, or for pellets or sawdust that keeps coming back – this could be “frass,” or termite droppings. Wood that sounds hollow when tapped with a screwdriver can be a suspicious sign. Remember any wood that is constantly wet due to leaks or drainage problems is very vulnerable. Check any place there are cardboard boxes as well – especially if that box is holding paper. This is exactly what termites are looking for. Also remember that firewood close to your home is also perfect termite bait.

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