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There are many mosquito control devices on the market. But though they are marketed to treat heavy mosquito populations, they have not been proven effective.

Mosquito Traps and Zappers

One such device is an electric killer that draws the mosquito in with light and then electrocutes the bugs as they approach, thus producing an unpleasant sound and requiring frequent cleaning. These devises should be kept away from children, pets, and foliage because they employ an electrical charge. Additionally, targeting only adult mosquitoes does little to affect the overall mosquito population.

Mosquito traps employ attractants to lure female mosquitoes. Some traps have impellor fans, while others utilize sticky surfaces. There are traps that use propane as a heat source and carbon dioxide as attractant – these are intended for large populations. Because these traps simulate human exhalation they can intercept mosquitoes before they reach humans. Traps powered through electrical cords are less expensive and are designed for use in smaller areas, but most units require maintenance. These traps often just attract more mosquitoes into the area, doing little to reduce the overall population.

Mosquito Repellents

Mosquito repellents are available as aerosols, creams, lotions, sticks, and as citronella candles.

Repellents should be applied in moderation and only to exposed skin, avoiding open wounds or irritated skin, or clothing. Avoid all contact with the eyes or mouth. They should not be ingested under any circumstances. Use caution when applying repellants to small children, and pregnant women should consult a doctor before using.

Citronella oil is commonly used in candles, torches, and mosquito coils. It produces mosquito-repelling smoke. Citronella can be an effective repellent when used in calm (low wind) outdoor environments.

Studies have shown that over time and after a good amount of exposure mosquitoes can ignore repellents. Repellents also lose their effectiveness after initial applied, so you need to reapply often if you choose to remain outdoors for long amounts of time.

Pest Control Expert

True mosquito population control is dependent upon breeding habitats, the mosquito species, and other contributing factors. Consult a pest control expert who is armed with the tools and knowledge of the most efficient methods of mosquito control to develop a plan to decrease breeding areas and adult mosquito populations.

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