Free Termite Inspection For You

Termite infestation is like a disease: you need to undergo early diagnosis so that you will not require expensive treatments in the future.  In this regard, it is a practical and inexpensive idea to take advantage of free termite inspections.  In fact, there are many professional termite control companies in Scottsdale, Az that offer such services.  It is advisable to regularly schedule at least an annual termite inspection.  This precautionary measure will, in the long run, help you avoid costly termite treatments such as fumigation.


On the other hand, if roles are reversed, and instead of being the homeowner, you are a possible house buyer, you should still consider hiring the services of a licensed termite inspector.  This is only fair to you because you don’t want to spend more than you need to in repairing termite damage.  Statistically, more dollars are spent on termite damage than damages caused by natural disasters and calamities such as hurricanes, flood, forest fires, and even tornadoes.  If home inspectors or licensed termite inspectors detect termite damage or infestation in the home you are about to purchase, this would definitely spare you from spending thousands of dollars on repairs alone.


This is the how termite inspections proceed.  Professional termite inspectors usually give potential home buyers like you with a report.  This report has two main parts: (1) areas that have existing termite damage or infestation; (2) areas that are likely to get termite infestation in the future.  The inspectors may also point out the possible areas, such as termite entry points in the house foundation or water-saturated environments (e.g. broken pipes, leaky faucets, etc).


Naturally, any existing damage found by the inspector should be the responsibility of the house seller.  The seller must repair the damage areas or, at least, pay for its cost.  At this point, negotiations between seller and buyer can be arranged prior to the sale of the house.  The final price can be adjusted accordingly if termite damage is found, particularly to the extent of the repairs involved.  However, if the termite damage or infestation is severe, you, as the buyer, must reconsider your decision to purchase the said house.  On the other hand, after the sale transaction, the house buyer must be responsible enough to follow through with the suggested prevention methods made in the inspection report.  This is where a professional termite control company comes in by offering you services appropriate to your needs.


It is important to emphasize the importance of taking advantage of free termite inspections, for both buyer and seller.  Think of it as a small investment that will eventually give huge returns in the long term.

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