Getting A Termite Report

Termite reports are usually made after a home is treated for termite infestation or when an inspection is conducted as a measure of prevention. Reports are also made when a home is slated to be put up for sale, mortgage, or other similar transaction. A termite report is actually very important because it can give you the proper scenario of your home as against the damage done by a termite attack or the extent of the damage that will be caused in cases where there are just initial signs of termite activity.

A termite report has to be made and indorsed by a specialist. We may not be very aware of this but a termite report is actually very technical. It is generally comprised of two sections. The first part deals with the existing damage and even delves into the history of past infestation. The second part identifies areas that may be the target of future termite attacks and makes recommendations for proper preventive measures. With this termite report, the homeowner is able to pinpoint the root causes of the infestation and learn from whatever mistakes he had committed that became great contributing factors to such infestation.

Moreover, the report allows the homeowner to take necessary measures in order to identify areas in the home that may be most susceptible to possible attacks in the future. He can then secure these areas as early as possible. The report will also provide future home inspectors with significant information on what had been done in the past in order to treat termite infestation in a particular household. With that, the specialists would be able to see what methods were utilized and whether or not such methods can still be applied in the event that another termite attack occurs.

Now if you’re planning to sell, mortgage, or enter into other similar transactions with your home or if you’re the one planning to purchase a home, make it a point to have a termite specialist inspect the subject property first. He will then draw up the necessary termite report which can guide you in making the right decision about the buying or selling of the property. Note that if you are the seller of the structure, any existing damage or infestation by these tiny destructors is entirely your responsibility. If you misrepresent the actual condition of your home to the buyer, you can be cited for fraud apart from breach of your contract of sale. So get a termite report and make sure you update it together with your annual home inspection.

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