Insecticides and Pesticides:

The Difference and Public Health



Insecticide, pesticide, termiticide, the words all start to sound the same and sometimes they’re all used to mean the same thing. It can get frustrating when you read a book or news piece claiming that pesticides are harmful to the environment. Studies are done every year that scare the public into the paralysis of analysis. On one hand you have environmentalists telling us that we’re harming the animals, the earth, the children and our future. On the other hand you have the reports of diseases that are carried by pests, the crops destroyed, homes destroyed and people who are sick because of mosquitoes or rodent born fleas. Finally there is the fear of the pests that pose the immediate health risk, spiders and scorpions, even snakes.

So here are the answers, for the record. Insecticides are used in your home. They pose the smallest danger to the environment because they rarely come in contact with anything outside your home. If you are using insecticides outside, that’s okay, but it’s rather ineffective because insecticides don’t have long term residual activity. Insecticide can be generalized and kill a variety of insects usually on contact.

Pesticide is used on crops and outdoors. It’s rarely applied around your home except by a professional and usually if you grow fruit trees, plants or crops you need to protect. The garden pesticides that are available to the public are not “professional” grade. That term and the term “commercial” grade both mean that the chemical ingredient’s strength is used by commercial and professional businesses but not the pest management professionals who are licensed and trained.

Termiticide is a term that means this pesticide is useful in eradicating termites. The word is pest specific because the active chemical ingredient works best on termites. This does not mean the ingredient will not control any other pest, it simply means that the grade and quality are what is required for effective termite treatment.

Industry standards change all the time. Entomologists and pest management companies are hard at work coming up with the best possible treatments for every setting, whether at home, in business, or in the forests and fields of our country.

What you need to know is that in your home you have choices for pest control. Sometimes you have a problem you believe that you can treat yourself. When you’re not sure you can call your specialist in termite treatment in Tempe for a free termite inspection. It doesn’t cost anything to find out what your options are and learn the best plan of protection for your home, business, and property.



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