Invasive Termites in North America



Virtually every state in the Union is prey to one variety of termite or another. The state of Alaska seems to be the only safe haven from these creatures. While termites live on virtually every continent, imports and exports have caused some big problems. The Formosan termite is an invasive breed in North America; the first infestation was documented in the 1950’s. These termites can live in an area for up to ten years before ever being noticed because of their differences to subterranean and Drywood termites.

Formosan termites are believed to have been introduced by trade with Asia. Transporting termites over state lines is not something that was expected in the 1950’s, much less transporting them on ships. You can’t fight what you can’t see, and many of the Formosan termites started out their trip across the US in Hawaii and Southern California. The states facing the most damage from these termites are Florida and Louisiana.

These states are also commonly the victims of violent storm activity. The first sign of Formosan termites is often the downed trees after these storms. Formosan termites are the only type of termite that infests good healthy trees. They hollow the trees from the inside out, weakening the structure. In sustained high winds these infested trees cannot hold up.

Formosan termites consume wood at a rate approximately four times as fast as subterranean termites. They need water, but do not require contact with the ground to sustain their colony. Studies have shown that certain fungi are not only a deterrent to Formosan termite infestation, but actually deadly to the colony. Whether these methods can be used against the other varieties of termites is yet to be seen.

Formosan termites have not invaded Arizona, yet when we hear of termite damage, the horror stories are often due to this species. Studies show that the Formosan termite will expand its territory into all US States if they are not contained. The plan of containment involves early detection before the species gets a strong hold. The Formosan termite thrives in areas connected to water. The arid climate of Arizona may be too much for the critters.

We have our own termite problems in Arizona and early detection will always be the best plan of action. Rest assured that your annual termite inspection in Glendale will warn you before extensive damage is done to your home. Luckily we have a choice when it comes to our termite protection plan.




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