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A termite colony can be a very happening place. While you might consider any termite as just a termite, you’d be surprised that the colony is actually sub-divided into various types of termites. Each type of termite plays a specific role in the colony’s well-being and production. Here’s a breakdown of the various roles.

Responsible for Reproduction

There are at least one King and Queen at the center of every termite colony. A Queen termite’s sole purpose is to reproduce. Because of that she remains stationary in the colony, while other termites tend to her. Some queens have been reported to live up to 50 years. Winged reproductives actually leave the colony. They are often called “Adult Swarmers. After the swarm – meaning they go out into the world to find a new place to establish a colony, they shed their wings and pair up to become new kings and queens of new colonies. If the King or Queen termite of a colony die, there are supplementary reproductive termites that can serve as replacements, in order to ensure the colony does not die out.

Young Termites

Queen termites can lay thousands of eggs every year. As these eggs grow, they hatch into nymphs. This is where the termites’ caste is decided. As they grow, the nymphs will grow into either worker, soldier, reproductive, or supplementary reproductive termites.

Do the Work!

Worker termites are blind and wingless and responsible for maintaining the colony. They build and repair the nest and mud tubes that connect the nest to food sources, forage for food, and care for the other termites. For example, they help to feed the soldier termites, because their mandibles are so large, they are unable to eat on their own. Worker termites are the most numerous caste in the colony. These are the termites you are most likely to find in infested wood. Soldier termites are sterile, wingless, and blind. Their sole purpose is to defend the colony from outside predators.


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