Mystery in Mumbai:

Dengue Detected with No Mosquitoes



Interesting developments have come out of India after years of fighting mosquito borne diseases. How did a high security prisoner contract Dengue when there are no mosquitoes present and no breeding grounds located nearby?

The individuals who control the mosquito populations in the area are specialists of the highest degree. These men are known to put their own lives in danger to eradicate mosquitoes where they breed. These mosquito hunters find and capture mosquitoes for testing on a daily basis. They follow up wherever diseased mosquitoes are breeding with fumigation. It is unlikely that a rogue mosquito got into the high security cell and then got away undetected. Mosquitoes don’t work that way. The females feed on blood near their breeding grounds and then lay eggs. The mysterious mosquito that infected a high security prisoner would not be the only mosquito in the area carrying the disease.

The slums and buildings near the jail have been checked within the last month and the prison has been found to have no mosquito breeding grounds. The prisoner was reportedly down with dengue, a flu like disease that is contracted from mosquitoes and does not spread by human contact.

The pest management professionals have fumigated near the cell and locations around the jail; they were not allowed inside the cell, however. The management of the jail has been instructed on mosquito prevention and detection.

Mosquitoes are a problem the world over because of the diseases that they carry. Many countries use mosquito netting in spite of the best possible pest control because diseased mosquitoes breed so quickly. India has been free of most insect borne diseases for years because of the dedication of the government managed pest control services. Exterminators must be licensed and residents are warned to verify those licenses. There are people who claim to have licenses that do not; their inept pest control practices have been implicated in area illnesses and even death. The unlicensed pest control companies have failed to follow fumigation procedures and allowed people to return to their homes too soon. Fumigation is the standard practice of pest control management in India.

In Arizona, fumigation is used only as a last resort in the most extreme cases. Pest control in Tempe offers both chemical and green forms of pest management. Responsible pest management professionals will lay out the best plan of action for Arizona homeowners. Make sure that you always choose a reputable company and remember that pest management professionals must be licensed in the state.



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