NPMA: Strengthening Pest Control Management for the Future



In the United States our Political parties are vying for the roles they wish to play in our government, whether for the State Senate or the House of Representatives, or even for President. At the same time, the President of the National Pest Management Association is holding her own rally in Boston. This week 3000 members gathered to see how the NPMA can strengthen their future and the members are from all over the world.

Pest management is a global issue that affects the health and welfare of every man woman and child. The world’s food supply, as well as every business is affected by these workers. Factories will close without pest management to keep the machines free from pests. Restaurants and stores would soon go out of business were they not protected. There are laws concerning how power plants and paper mills must be maintained and all of them include pest management agendas.

In the scheme of things, it seems ironic that the people who belong to the NPMA are divided as to why they are members. For the most part they agree that they are exposed to new ideas and expertise, which is necessary for their growth and progress.

The NPMA has made the decision to fight to strengthen the public view of the industry; to ge that source of education and technology; and to work for positive legislation and regulatory outcomes. It’s a huge undertaking considering that environmentalists are still scared that pest management is bad for the planet.

Without the involvement of entomologists and scientists who specialize in testing the chemicals, the economy would ultimately have failed already. The amount of disease and starvation that is prevented, the amount of jobs that are created in the industry, and the number of homes that are saved, are enough to prove this is so.

I eagerly await the future, when people become educated about how professional pest management is necessary for the growth of our economy and international health and safety. The latest approved products for termite control in Chandler are only available because of the efforts of the NPMA. You can get your free termite inspection because that is an industry standard as well. It’s important to keep these destructive insects where they belong, far from our homes.




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