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PCT online, the Pest Control Technology magazine and resource material for pest management professionals reports that Allergy Technologies will continue funding to Ohio State University. Pest control research is an important addition to pest control management. Allergy Technologies has developed a mattress cover that controls bed bugs and dust mites for up to two years.

Bed bugs have been increasing in numbers and infestations for the past ten years, with no end in sight. Many of the bed bugs that are used in research have been bred in laboratories so they exhibit no resistance to pesticides already on the market. The problem with that research is that the bed bugs have been evolving and many strains are now pyrethrum resistant; that means they can’t be controlled by the tried and true methods of the past.

Ohio State University and Allergy Technologies are working together to solve this and other resistance problems. In Europe there are already many reports of super rats and insects that don’t die from the chemical agents used to eradicate them. The stronger poisons that are available may pose a threat to humans, wildlife, pets and the ecological system we all depend on for survival. Ecologists are up in arms over the fact that ineffective methods are still being used and some may be banned in the U.K. and other countries. Research funding is all that stands between mankind and the next plague.

Nuisance species, such as bed bugs, have increased to the point that they pose a danger to humans. The threat of blood loss in an infant or the elderly is worse than in healthy individuals. It is of utmost importance that people take precautions when travelling that they do not spread these pests from home or hotel to public transportation. Travelers are advised to check the room before placing suitcases and belongings on the bed or other furniture; bed bugs are small, brown and flat. They avoid daylight but may hide in curtains, bedding, mattresses and even clock radios or electrical outlets because they are attracted to the heat source. Use a flashlight if necessary to look under the bed.

Pest Control in Tempe provides a variety of inspections and treatments for pest control problems. Contact a pest management professional at the first sign of infestation, especially if you think you have bed bugs or termites as these pests are resistant to do it yourself measures.


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