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Services in U.K. Lower Prices in Face off:

Wasps and Bed Bugs are on the Rise



The news is that bed bugs are on the rise in the U.K. as well as here in the U.S. The experts are taking notice in the U.K. and the Enfield Borough Council is taking action by lowering prices for pest control. The council maintains that there are thousands of calls coming in for assistance and people are having enough trouble making ends meet. Since the economy is bad the people who have discovered wasps or bed bugs in their homes have decided to try to treat the problem themselves. Without the proper training this is met with disastrous results; the pest populations are exploding all over London.

The decision was to drop prices in order to encourage people to call rather than self-treat. Virtually every professional in the field of pest control can tell the horror stories associated with trying to get rid of a problem yourself. I remember my dad chasing a poisoned rat down the street with a shovel, when I was a kid. A rat had taken up residence in our two car garage and my dad was afraid it would get in the house or bite one of us. He went to the hardware store and bought some rat poison, but he didn’t buy any traps. Well the rat got poisoned but it didn’t die like he thought it would. It got sort of drunk off the poison and came staggering out when he went to park the car.

Our mother kept us inside so that we wouldn’t encounter the crazed animal and my dad was far behind when he got the shovel and gave chase. He didn’t want the rat to go after any of the neighbor’s houses and perhaps survive the poison. He also felt responsibility for the other kids and pets in the neighborhood. If a dog or cat ate that poisoned rat then they would become poisoned as well. He finally caught it and got it into a metal trash can with a tight lid. The point is that I never forgot the lesson.

You can’t always do everything yourself. Being responsible means knowing when to ask for help and knowing the right professional to call for that help. You can count on your local pest control in Mesa; they’re licensed to help you with all of your concerns. Remember who to call when you need help with problem pests.


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