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The Home and Garden Market


The Sacramento Bee reports on the story of our probable future; the market for home and garden pest control into 2016 and beyond. It’s a report of over 200 pages that is highlighted in the paper and it is a real eye opener. The more that the economy improves; the more people will be making home purchases. This is projected to create an increase in home gardening, the report claims; growth in the home and garden pesticide market is expected to be at about 3.5% for the next four years.

For people worried about the economy; you must remember that people do not buy homes when the economy is bad because people aren’t working. People who aren’t working don’t plant gardens or buy the necessary products to help their gardens grow; they’re too busy trying to find work.

Gardening is a twofold art for the homeowner; it’s relaxing and exhilarating, the landscape looks beautiful. Growing fruits and vegetables in a home garden provides nutrition for your family and you know exactly what went into that food. People feel a sense of accomplishment because they’re providing fresh healthy food for their family and reducing the amount of pesticides in their diet.

This could also mean that there will be fly-by-night companies looking to make a quick buck off of the needs of the public. Consumers need to be aware that they can apply purchased products to their own home and garden, being careful to follow manufacturer’s instructions. It is illegal to sell that service to others without going through the proper training, testing and licensing. Please make sure that you know your pest control professional’s history and track record. Do not think that you’re helping a “new business to start up” by allowing an unlicensed worker to use chemical treatments in your home and on your property.

The best part of the US Home Garden Pesticide Report is that it is encouraging for our future. It gives a clear view of what is going on with the US economy like no other report can. Growth in this industry means more jobs in the industry, whether at the production, distribution or usage areas of that industry.

You don’t have to grab your gardening tools in Arizona and start your home garden to keep up with the rest of the country. Gardening isn’t right for everyone, and we don’t all have a green thumb. You can gain the benefits of the best pest control in Chandler by picking up the phone and making a call. If you haven’t had your annual termite inspection, you can start with a free termite inspection and go from there. The licensed pest control technicians will offer you a plan to protect your home and property from harmful pests.



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