Pest Control News: The Most Dangerous Insect Is…

I read a blog today that made me sort of upset and so I had to address the issue. According to the blogger the most dangerous animal is the Bat; how backward could this individual be? Bats have been present on the earth for many thousands of years; much longer than humans; but now these creatures are dying off in huge numbers. According to this misguided individual we should all go back too fearing one of nature’s most beneficial creatures. There are worldwide educational and conservation efforts to save these animals, but no conservation is planned for the real threat to humans.

The real animal that threatens man is an insect, it is the mosquito. More money is spent on trying to save people from the diseases these insects spread than on any other, worldwide. The mosquito is responsible for an estimated 3 million deaths per year; many are defenseless children. In addition to the costs of such a death toll are the added costs of pesticides used to control those numbers. Without the heavy use of pesticides to control the mosquitoes the death toll would be much higher. The problem is that those same pesticides used to eradicate mosquitoes can also harm beneficial insects and the creatures that feed on mosquitoes and their larvae, like the dragon fly.

I don’t know about you but I remember nights when the sound of dragonflies humming and the colorful varieties I saw at dusk was simply breathtaking. I don’t see the large creatures any more even though I still live near water; their numbers have dwindled even as mosquitoes seem to return in greater numbers each year.

Do yourself and your family a favor and follow the rules when it comes to mosquitoes. Use insect repellent only on exposed skin, not under clothing. Don’t use repellents on small children; there are new choices in repellents that use a clip on rather than a spray. Wear long sleeves and pants whenever there is a threat of mosquitoes in the area. They can bit through thin clothing so spraying the clothes (not the skin underneath) may help. Repair screens and make sure you limit outdoor water sources or clean them regularly.

Termites in Gilbert are a threat to homes and property; structural damage may occur which pose a health and safety can issue. Termites cost 5 million dollars in control, removal and damages in the US each year. Local pest management professionals can help you create a safe and healthy home environment with regular inspections and recommendations for year round pest prevention. Contact us for more information.


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