Pest Control Wins the Prize:

Halloween Scarecrow Village, Georgia



Courtesy of PCT Online

Scarecrows are not just for pest control anymore. They’ve been a Halloween standard for so many years and have even made it into the movies and comic books as heroes and villains. To think that scarecrows were actually created to scare birds and rodents away from crops makes it doubly funny when a pest control company wins the scarecrow contest.

Scarecrow Village in Locust Grove, Georgia is where the event paid off for Evans Pest Control. This year they went with a Little Miss Muffet theme and built a huge spider scarecrow to sneak up on the unwitting Miss Muffet scarecrow. It’s really cute and a great advertisement for the pest control company even without the win.

As you decorate for Halloween let yourself go and think outside the box for your porch scarecrow. Make it fun or funny or strange but let your imagination run wild. It seems that we have lost the ability to just have fun with it. We are often in such a hurry to get the kids’ costumes ready and run out for candy because someone forgot, didn’t buy enough, or ate too much of it. We rush to parties and buy store bought decorations because we just don’t have time to create anything “great.” Well it doesn’t have to be great, it has to be fun.

We see all of those incredibly artistic jack-o-lanterns on the internet and we know we can’t do anything so elaborate. We don’t want the kids to be disappointed so we don’t carve the pumpkin at all. It’s supposed to be fun, not great or perfect. I bring you the story of the winning scarecrow because it was fun; they just happened to win.

Pest control in Glendale is practical because they are in your corner all year round. It’s not just a summertime, springtime, or holiday time thing. Your free termite inspection is just one of the services that we have to offer. If you want some scarecrow inspiration you need look no further than the pests in your garden, and if you have pests in your garden a scarecrow won’t do the job alone.



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