Pest Control World News: Wales:

Worms and Fungus Thwart Pests


Good news for farmers today and one day for our homes,  as new advances in pest control are reported from Wales. Scientists are suggesting that worms and fungi may be brought together to fight pests that infest crops and trees worldwide. There are many pests that can’t be controlled with chemicals due to agricultural concerns. Others have been introduced to an environment with no known predators and these creatures thrive, effectively altering the local ecology.

Two alternatives to the invasive and local pests have been developed in recent years. The nematode is a worm that has seen a lot of press along with predatory larvae which have shown promise in controlling pest populations. The new study from researchers at Swansea University has shown that a fungus known as “V1005 Metarhizium robertsii” may be combined with the nematode and provide better results.

The goal of the Swansea scientific research is a virtually pest free world. It sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? I mean, imagine never having to spray for ants or roaches again. The thought makes me wonder what would happen to the nematodes. I guess that’s a question for later, much later, after the scientists find out if their new method works.

Of course the initial use for this pest control is aimed at crops and trees. This would save farmers from one of the many threats to their crops. The food that would be saved each year in the grain industry alone could tip the scales back towards a more favorable economy. Every time pests destroy crops our food prices rise on a global scale. I’m eager to hear how their studies turn out. On the home front we may have to deal with pests for a few more years before the worms and fungi can help us.

In the meantime we have our local free termite inspection in Phoenix to look forward to. Rest assured that as soon as a new method of eradicating pests becomes available your local professionals will have the information for you and the training to use it.



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