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Every year in the US termites cause up to $1 billion worth of damage. It’s essential you prevent termites from infesting your home – or else, it could cost you.

Termite Needs

To understand the steps taken to prevent termites we will need to investigate what a termite’s needs are.

The Subterranean Termite species is the most common termite species in the United States. These termites make their nests underground – hence “subterranean.” They thrive in soil and will dig tunnels through this soil to gain entry into your house.  Termites also consume anything that has cellulose – so large amounts of cellulose (such as is found in wood) will attract termites. Termites also need water to thrive – and they will seek out any source of water that will provide a moist condition for building their nests.

What to Do

Now that you know what termites look for, you can look around your house to determine if you have created any inviting areas for termites. Eliminate outside sources of water – such as leaky faucets or standing water areas that could also attract mosquitos. Is there a section around your home where the soil meets directly with your foundation? Could a termite burrow up through this into the wooden beams of your home? Excess vegetation can also provide moisture for termites – so you might want to trim this back. Also remove any dead trees or plants where termites can build nests. Also remove any excess wood and building materials that are laying around. The further away from your home, the better. You’ll also want to look around your house for any cracks where termites can burrow through in their efforts to find cellulose or moisture.

Termite Inspection

You will want to make sure you get a termite inspection at least once a year – you might even consider every six months. Exterminators can give you tips on how to termite-proof your house even if no signs of termites are found. 

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