Rodents Threaten Grain:

U.K. Weather may be to Blame


It was a long wet rainy season this year in the U.K. It rained all summer and then rained some more. According to Bloomberg Business Week there hasn’t been a rainy season this bad in the U.K. since 1912. There was widespread property flooding and that is a bad sign when it comes to pests.

Rodents generally dig burrows and bring food back to store it for winter. With a summer filled with widespread flooding the habitations of these little creatures are probably flooded as well. That means bad news for the grain storage in the U.K. because that is their favorite haunt. Once their homes are devastated the furry little guys will swim until they reach dry ground and then go for the nearest dry food source.

Rodents reportedly eat at least fifty pounds of grain per year. That isn’t the biggest problem for farmers in the U.K., however. If you ever had a pet mouse, hamster, or rat as a child you already know that these animals have no control over their bladders and bowels. The excrement that could get into the grain would be devastating. Add to this the fact that wet weather has caused a smaller crop of wheat in the UK than in years past and you see that we may be facing a shortage in European grain this year. Any time there is a shortage in the world then prices go up across the board.

It is hard to believe how such a small creature can have an effect on the world’s economy, but that is all it takes. You know how devastated one family can be by any infestation, but for farmers it can be far worse. Once their stores are infested that’s the end of an entire year’s work.

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