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Scottsdale Pest Control professionals are pretty savvy when it comes to pest control and termite prevention. The dry Arizona climate is hard on pests and plants alike, so the average termite and other pests are looking for some very specific perks when finding a home.


When you purchased your home, you probably had a few things in mind that were important in your decision. Maybe you looked for good schools and nearby shopping centers. Maybe you wanted a more rural setting or opted for a suburban lifestyle. When insects, termites and other Arizona pests go house hunting, they have similar choices to make.


Scottsdale Pest Control, “House Hunting”

  • Easy Entry: Check the outside of your home for cracks that have developed from age or settling. Look at the entry points for water, gas and electricity outside your home, usually located near the meters. Seal any openings around pipe with steel wool (rodents can’t chew through it) and then patch with concrete, silicone or expansion foam. Cracks should be treated with an insecticide or pesticide, then patched as well.
  • Water Sources: Check your home for leaks, standing water, water features and roof leaks. Nothing is more enticing in the Arizona heat than easy access to water. The money you save by having a plumber in to repair your leaks far outweighs the cost.
  • Food Sources: Every insect, scorpion, rodent and snake has a preferred food that is most attractive. Having lizards and harmless garden snakes is a good thing because they control the pest population, but you must ask yourself: what is attracting them to your home? Food and water are the most likely attractions which means you may already have an unseen pest problem.


The best way to find out about termite and pest control in Tempe is to contact a professional. The local specialists who work for Termite Control Arizona are trained to look for and prevent termites and other Arizona pests. You can call for a free termite inspection to get started on the path of protection that will ensure your home’s safety and value.



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