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Subterranean termites love a moist environment and constant supply of wood. Though Arizona is hot and dry, subterranean termites can build their nests where moisture is more readily available, deep underground. Because of this subterranean termites can go undetected and unnoticed for a long time – long enough to do extreme damage to your home.

How Do They Get to Your Home?

To reach the wood in your house, subterranean termites build networks of “shelter tubes” stemming from your house to their nest. These tunnels are made up of soil mixed with pieces of wood. Sometimes even plasterboard/drywall is found in the tubs. The destruction and damage termites cause mostly occurs in the foundation, structural, and support wood they tunnel through.

Termites Love Wood Rot

Since subterranean termites are fond of moisture they are particularly attracted to wood that’s been in contact with water and thus, is showing signs of wood rot. But it doesn’t have to be moist or otherwise – if it’s wood, they’ll be after it. They are constantly on the lookout for food sources. This is not only wood, but also the drywall found in homes. They also will go for certain kinds of paints – essentially anything that contains cellulose.

Tunnel Through Anything

When termites come across a structure, they will tunnel through any open cracks or crevices to look for food for the colony. Often times they quickly and easily find just what they came for – the wood of your home.

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