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What exactly is a termite bait station and will it work for you? The bait stations are small plastic devices that are tubular in shape. They are implanted into your and when properly installed and properly monitored they can be a very effective way to control any termites on your property.

Termite Bait Station Installation

Termite bait stations are usually installed roughly 3 to 4 feet from the foundation of a home and in a way that it will provide perimeter around your home. A pest control specialist will use a specialized tool to drill narrow holes roughly 10 to 15 feet deep and then fill them with bait stations. After the stations are installed they will be filled with non-toxic termite food. Non-toxic you ask? These are just there to confirm the presence of termites. Once it’s been identified that there are termites present that non-toxic food will be replaced with toxic termite bait. The termites will do the rest and carry the toxic bait back to the colony.

Termite Bait

Termite bait can consist of paper, cardboard, or other cellulose-containing materials that have been infused with a slow-acting version of termiticide. The reason this bait is slow-acting is that the termite bringing it back to the colony needs to actually make it to the colony. The bait usually takes a few days for the termite to process it. Once a termite eats it it will act normally for those few days, allowing it to get it back to the colony. Once it’s there it will be able to infect the other termites in the colony.

Termite Bait is a Safe and Effective Solution

Arizona residents dealing with drywood and subterranean termites have often used baiting as a solution because it is not harmful to humans, pets, or plants and has proven to be a very effective solution.

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