Termite Control News: Broward Fights Tree Termites



The tip of a finger shows how small the the tree termite is. Joe Rimkus Jr. / Miami Herald Staff

Tree termites are an invasive species that were believed to be eradicated in South Florida a number of years ago. The termites were first located in 2001 and it took years to eradicate the creatures. Now a new nest has been located outside Dania Beach’s Fishing Hall of Fame. These termites are very small and it seems that a tree termite wouldn’t be anything to worry about, until you know the facts.

Tree termites also infest homes and there are no known ways to protect homes from infestation. Tree termites build their nests in trees and swarm once a year. The nest can be the size of a basketball in a few short months. Tree termites are smaller than normal termites and their nests are often mistaken for wasp nests so that they go unnoticed or untreated until there are hundreds of thousands of creatures. If left unchecked, this species could become a problem that would impact people for thousands of years. They destroy trees rapidly and spread like wildfire. Tree termites could have a huge economic impact if they spread to other states.

The tree termites don’t depend on contact with the soil like subterranean termites; they don’t build mud tubes because they do not require protection like termites that live underground. They forage as ants would and although they have squishy bodies like other termites, they are a hearty breed. Since these insects do not traverse the ground to enter houses, they can’t be prevented with in ground methods used for subterranean and Formosan termites. Universities and entomologists are joining with the department of Agriculture in an effort to eradicate this threat before it can spread.

Termite control in Arizona is staying on top of the latest in termite research to make sure Arizona homes are protected. Many treatments have been replaced with more effective methods over the years. Some termite treatments are more effective based on the type of termites being treated. The most successful treatments are those that can be spread to the rest of the colony though contact with poisoned workers.


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