Termite Control News: Sometimes it’s About Control


Internet News  often amazes me and in today’s Termite Control News are some items to take note of. Termite inspectors in Tempe will tell you that termites are not funny; a termite problem is very serious but some don’t understand control.

The internet is a funny place where you can insert a word and come back with usage results for that word. We can look up all sorts of facts that way, the same way people used to use dictionaries and encyclopedias. It’s quicker now, and you get millions of results instead of just one. That’s why the following story about termites is so funny, because it is a deliberate use of the word, and because these were first results:

The News Tribune is abbreviated TNT and I must admit that Turner Network Television, having been around since before the internet, may have the handle of TNT locked up. Anyway, The News Tribune reported on the problems with a city budget. Tacoma City’s fiscal problems are due to termites, the financial species, which apparently eat from the inside out. That’s kind of cute or funny, if you haven’t heard the next one, or read their budget complaints yet.

This story, although I would have expected a joke, is about millions of Rupees that were eaten by termites. This particular bank had termites in the furniture and so they placed the currency in a steel chest. Months later, upon opening the chest, they found the bank notes were eaten through. I kind of feel like one of those shows that gives the viewer the opportunity to pick which one is true. Unfortunately,  the word termite is used in one sense to make a joke and the other was from a very real and devastating infestation.

Termites are not funny, they’re not cute, and while they have a place in nature and the natural order of the food chain, they have no place in our homes or our businesses. They certainly have no place in the fiscal budget or the bank. If Termite Control Scottsdale offered a free termite inspection in Tacoma City, then perhaps the budget could have been saved.


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