Termite Control News: The Damage of Denial



One of the greatest dangers facing American home owners is the damage that is done by denial. I see reports of it every day, and they are too numerous to mention in just one blog post. One pest control company claims that termite damage is greater when the owner has hesitated to get treatment because they didn’t think the termites could do so much damage so quickly.

I feel saddened every time I read these reports because I know that some companies charge for their termite inspections while others do not. There’s a problem in America with the word “Free” because people expect that it means there are hidden charges coming. Some companies use the word “free” to get customers and really had no intention of giving away anything in the first place. I’ve read about “free” cell phones and “free” cable services that end up costing the consumer more; there are long term contracts and breaking those costs more than keeping them. Of course people are apprehensive when they see a pest control company offering free termite inspections.

I have been in denial myself and almost missed out on a really great opportunity because I thought the word “free” was just a come on to get me hooked into a long term contract. The reason I am writing this today is because the holidays are coming and you owe it to yourself to protect your home and family from the dangers and damages of denial. I learned that you can’t know for sure until you actually talk to the company.

People are often afraid that a free termite inspection will show that they do indeed have termites. There is a “no news is good news” attitude that can lead to a bigger problem if there are termites present in the home. Termites breed more quickly than virtually any creature on earth, once the colony is established. Termites can be eating away at multiple locations in the same home for a decade before they are even suspected. If you haven’t had a termite inspection yet this year, then you owe it to yourself to get one now.

Termite control in Glendale is rarely thought of during the holidays. People are much more interested in feasting and buying presents; they want to enjoy good quality time with their families. There is no greater gift that you can give this season than the gift of a safe, healthy and happy home. Keeping your property in tip top condition is the first step towards a happy holiday season. The advent of winter should mean opening your home to good guests for a great meal; not destructive pests determined to make a great meal of your home.

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