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Termite Control Scottsdale is a full service pest management company offering pest control to homes and businesses alike. The recent developments in The Food Safety Modernization Act and Global Food Safety Initiative, pest control and food manufacturing facilities are both affected. The traditional approach to safe food handling by the FDA has specified limits for the amount of contamination allowable in the end product we purchase from our stores. What that means is that the FDA is aware that some pests will get into the food supply and may be processed right along with the ingredients in your favorite bread, pastry, candy or snack. That is the main reason that foods are given a sell by date; at some point in the shelf life of processed foods, eggs may begin to hatch. You have probably seen weevils in your flour, pasta, or baking mixes. The eggs laid on the grains are microscopic and can survive the harsh processing conditions, allowing them to hatch at a later date.


Insects also lay eggs on the flowers of nut trees and may become part of an almond or peanut containing candy bar. That is why candies that contain nuts have a shorter shelf life than plainer alternatives.


The new Food Safety legislation that went into effect this year adds regulations to areas that may be inspected and treated by pest management professionals. The former regulations were more stringent to prevent food contamination from pesticides, but have been changed as certain fumigants left the marketplace. The older programs of fumigation used chemicals that had no residual effect but were able to pass through packaging. The newer chemical alternatives do not pass through packaging and have a more instant contact effect on insects.


The biggest concern with food processing has always been rodents which can contaminate larger areas with their breeding habits and carry many diseases. Rodents pose a special problem because they can fit in the smallest of spaces, pass through tiny openings and eat through packaging. They also urinate and defecate frequently which can contaminate whole shipments of grains. Food storage and transportation will be inspected and treated as needed to prevent pest infestation before it starts.


Termite Control Mesa has been helping home and business owners fight pest infestations in Arizona for many years. Long before the latest legislation went into effect, pest management professionals were already implementing the changes necessary to keep up with the latest scientific findings.


Termite Control Scottsdale offers a free termite inspection to get you started on a safe and healthy home. Arizona pests can often infest the home or business in the same ways as they infest food manufacturing and packaging plants. Pests only need a small space to invade, and will follow their instincts in search of food, water and shelter. It is the aim of pest management professionals to eliminate the attraction at the source by sealing spaces, identifying and eliminating leaks, and creating a protective perimeter around your home. Contact us with any questions or for more details on pest control.



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