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Termite Control Scottsdale is committed to keeping the consumer aware of the rising costs associated with termite damage. The biggest fear for every homeowner is the cost of repairs should a disaster strike. Homeowners purchase flood and disaster insurance to protect their home and their belongings. Unfortunately the homeowners and flood insurance policies to not cover termites and other wood boring insects that destroy the home’s structural supports. Older homes are at a higher risk because of wood support beams while newer homes may have treated or insect resistant structural members.


Homewyse has created a cost calculator to help homeowners estimate the costs of repairs should termite damage be a problem. The calculator is quick and easy to use, just input your zip code and the number of structural members that would need replaced. The result estimates the man hours, materials and construction clean-up costs for the job. The calculator doesn’t cover fees such as permits, sales tax or inspection fees which may be required in your area.


Termite Control Glendale offers an alternative to extensive structural repairs on your home or property. The best protection is prevention or at least early detection. The initial termite inspection is free and can get you on the road to keeping your house in one piece and the costs at a minimum. If no termite activity is detected then the next step is setting up a barrier of protection. Termite bait stations can serve as an alarm system for your home, alerting you of the termite threat before damage is done. Should any termites show up for a quick easy meal, the baits are replaced with a termiticide until there is no more termite activity. As long as this system is installed correctly by licensed termite technicians, you’ll have no structural repairs to worry about.


The termite treatment specialists at Termite Control Scottsdale want to make your free termite inspection as educational as possible, so be sure to ask questions if there is anything that you don’t understand. Arizona termites come in several varieties, but the main ones you need to be concerned with are the subterranean and the drywood termites. The Formosan termites that people hear so much about have not been located in Arizona, and that is a very good thing. Formosan termites and tree dwelling termites are invasive species and don’t follow the same rules as the termites you might see in Scottsdale.


Termite treatments vary depending on which type of termites are found in the home. Using the wrong treatment may lead to a false sense of security, which could cause unexpected damages. Drywood termites require no ground contact, so putting in a ground termite treatment barrier will not prevent them from infesting your home. Subterranean termites are often expected to stay away from concrete, which is another misconception that may lead to costly repairs down the road. Termites build mud highways called ‘mud tube’s to pass over the concrete or cinder blocks and reach the woof joists and beams in your home.


The best way to steer clear of costly repairs is to make sure the termites don’t have a chance to damage your property. When it comes to identifying the right termite treatment and protection, knowledge is essential. The specialists at Termite Control Scottsdale have all the knowledge you need to protect your home and your investment. Make sure you contact us for your free termite inspection and any questions you may have about Arizona pests.


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