Termite Studies: One Professor Who Looks for Termites



Courtesy of Alex Earhart from Collinsville, Ill.



Biology Professor Claire Fuller has devoted her energies to Murray State’s BioMaPS project in the study of termite colonies. Professor Fuller and her colleagues will not be showing up at your home any time soon to check on your termites. The BioMaPS program is the study biology and mathematical population. Students who are lucky enough to go with Fuller’s BioMaPS project study termite colonies in nature. This summer they went to St.John’s Island to study the termite nests and take samples.

Fuller’s interest in termites is for disease ecology and she claims that termite colonies make the best study models. Her genetic studies of termites include the ability of colonies to fight disease at varied temperatures. This is important because some diseases fare better at higher temperatures and the ability of one colony to fight the disease while another cannot is the basis for her research.

Termites are part of a vast ecological system in other parts of the world. They help in rain forests by destroying dead wood to promote new growth. The creatures that feed on termites are part of this chain. Birds, anteaters, aardvarks, bears and other animals decimate the termite colony before it can damage good trees. In their natural habitat termites are controlled by the predators that feed on them.

Termites infesting your home are no different than termites in the Savanna or the rain forests. The problem here is that we don’t have aardvarks, bears and anteaters as pets to get rid of our termite infestations. We have Termite Control Gilbert to come and inspect our homes and deliver a plan of action. Termites are not something we need to fear, but a pest that we need to control, the same way these pests are controlled in nature. Termites are eliminated wherever they are not needed. I think we can all agree that termites may be fine and dandy out there, but not in our homes. A free termite inspection is the first step towards making sure that termites stay where they belong, far away from us.




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