Termite Treatment News: “Ants Africa” a Winning Combination


In this case the termite treatment may be as bad as the termites; “Ants Africa” came out the big winner in the 2012 Entomology Society of America YouTube contest. The top contenders are posted but in “Ants Africa” we see a sort of mini-documentary put together by entomologist Marlin Rice.

According to Liz Klimas on The Blaze, Rice spliced together footage from multiple trips to make his mini-epic, and then set it to the music of “Mind Heist from the movie “Inception.” The end result is really worth watching as the ants hunt their prey, the unwary termites. The soldier termites are apparently no match for the steady march of the predatory ants who attack with both bites and stings.

Contrary to popular belief, ants and termites are unrelated. Ants are more closely related to wasps as are bees, while termites are related to cockroaches. There is actually a wasp that preys on cockroaches specifically to lay her eggs, just as these ants prey on the termites. Unfortunately the wasp is a solitary individual and not useful in pest control. Ants on the other hand are a formidable foe, but such as they are, do not replace a good termite treatment. Not all ants prey on termites, although the two species are sworn enemies. The nature of the soldier termites that protect the nest is to explode if necessary which spreads a sticky chemical on the ants that kills them and clogs the entrance being guarded. Some ants, like these large predators in Africa, win because of their size, coordination and numbers.

Termite treatments in Glendale offer a variety of specialized controls based on the type of termite infestation. Subterranean termites require a different treatment than the Drywood termites simply because of the location and type of nest. The only way to know what type of termite treatment is required is to have a free termite inspection by a licensed termite technician. Schedule yours while you are thinking of it, unless you plan to send for ants from Africa; watch out for those stingers.

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