Termite Update: Employment Rises in Pest Control


It takes a special type of person to go into the field as a licensed pest control technician. When most people see palmetto bugs, termites, ants, snakes, or mice, they usually stay as far away from the offending intruder as possible. It’s not uncommon for men and women alike to develop phobias when it comes to the insect world.

We all have the idea that the bigger the pest the more aggressive or dangerous it will be; we can step on an ant, but the big guys? No way. In Florida the biggest fears are Palmetto bugs which look like giant flying cockroaches, and the various large spiders like the Banana Tree Spider that really prefers any tree not just banana trees. The golden orb spider and the St. John’s Cross Spider are scary enough to make people take a different route if they see a web.

With the current increase in insect growth and activity many companies are looking for pest control technicians that are already licensed and trained. Austin Texas pest control firms are documenting a huge rise in termite inspections over this time last year, and bed bug populations have been exploding all over the country. The rise in contracted business is causing pest control agencies in Texas and California to post ads on the internet looking for professionals who have experience in the business.

It is expensive and time consuming for these companies to train and license new individuals if there is already a skilled workforce looking for jobs. As stated it takes a very special individual indeed to deal with the creatures that most people can’t bear to look in the eyes (even if they know where the eyes are).

Termite Control Chandler has special individuals who are licensed and trained to look for and face up to those creatures. Free Termite Inspections are just one of the many services offered by Termite Control Arizona. The people who work in pest control here are very familiar with the problem pests that plague Scottsdale.


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