Termite Warranties:

Read the Fine Print: Know your Rights


Among the many responsibilities of becoming a homeowner are the contracts you have to sign, just to move in. One of the contracts that should be in that stack of paper requiring your signature is your termite inspection and warranty. Many people purchase their home and agree with the termite inspection that is paid for by the seller. This inspection is often be done by the company that has already been taking care of the termite control for the residence. It’s important that you know your rights, read the entire inspection and the contract, and if you are unsure you can get a second opinion.

The problem is that in order to sell the home a termite inspection was already done and the seller’s responsibility stops there. Your responsibility in making a home purchase is to wipe the stars from your eyes and think about that. Have you heard of this termite control company before? Have you ever heard of the termite treatment that has been used on the home? Check on line to see if there have been any complaints against the company or the chemical provider.

In Osceola County, Florida a family is still fighting with the company that administered termite treatments to their home. The damage that was found by an inspector claimed the home was dangerous. The family was forced to abandon the residence and even had to give up their dogs when they moved.

The warrantee was for up to a million dollars in damage, but the pest control company denied the claim due to some fine print. The fine print said that if no live termites were found the damage would not be covered. Luckily the attorney for this Florida homeowner filed a petition because that clause was buried and goes against Florida law. The family won the first round, but the company is planning an appeal, claiming the damage is “old damage.”

It is your right to have an independent termite inspection before you sign off on your home purchase; the payment for that will be your responsibility. You should go with the inspector to make sure you understand the process. Your rights also include a home inspection that will check for water damage, leaks, structural support and a host of other factors that may make you feel more secure about the papers you’re signing.

If you’ve already bought your home and you are in doubt you should take advantage of a free termite inspection just to make sure your home really is protected. Termite treatments in Arizona are thorough and comprehensive, but you can’t treat what you can’t see. Obviously some things can be missed at first glance.


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