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Termites are six-legged winged insects that build colonies within wood or underground and subsist on the cellulose found in various types of wood. Four species of termite live in the United States. They are categorized by damp-wood, dry-wood, subterranean and Formosan termites. None of these species have been known to carry disease or illness.

Knowing the Types of Termites

Damp-wood termites like to infest damp, outdoor wood. Dry-wood termites build their nests in the structural wood of buildings. Subterranean termites prefer to make their homes in trees, decks, and foundations of houses. Formosan termites, also known as the “Super Termite,” are an aggressive species. They prefer to chew through wood, plastic, and plaster. They have also been known to chew through thin copper and lead flashing.

Termite Illness – No

Termites cannot bite or sting and have never been directly associated with a disease or illness.

Termite’s Might Indirectly Cause Asthma and Allergies

Though termite infestations do not cause disease or illness, they may indirectly cause severe allergic reactions and asthmatic attacks. The heating and ventilation systems in houses can often create exposure to dust and particles. And if a termite infestation has taken over your house, chances are there is more dust and debris that has been eaten loose. This dust can be spread out and kicked around by the heating and ventilation systems in our house. Additionally, termites create nests of soil, wood, saliva, and feces. Exposure to these nests can also contribute to allergies and asthmatic attacks.

Illness Caused by Pesticide

Being exposed to chemicals used in termiticides and pesticides can cause illness. That’s why it’s important that you consult with a trained and licensed exterminator. They will not only guide you on the best way to control your termite infestation, but they will also be able to correctly install the treatment you decide to use. Correct installation will ensure you and your family are safe from not only the termites, but the treatment.

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