Termites in Manila:

Imelda Marcos Famous Shoes Infested

For the past week Imelda Marcos shoe collection has been in the news. Apparently the well-heeled First Lady’s prized possessions have become infested with termites. During the past 24 years while awaiting a decision on what to do with the former First Lady’s collections, all of the items have been in storage. According to the press reports, every precaution was taken to protect the items in case they proved to be of some historical significance. Unfortunately the monsoon that hit the Philippines in August proved too much for the room housing the vast collections. Leaks went undetected and by the time the items were removed on August 9th the damage was done. Now the Old Legislative Building is in need of structural repairs but the National Museum is confident in their ability to protect what is left of the Imelda Marcos collections.

It’s horrible news when family treasures are destroyed after we have taken every precaution to safeguard them for our children. Many people store memorabilia in boxes in their attic or basement and never give it a second thought. Termites in Mesa are just as likely to infest your treasured items as the termites in Manila. To truly safeguard your treasures for future generations you must have a regular termite inspection from a reputable Arizona Termite Control Specialist.

Residents of Scottsdale, Arizona are no stranger to the need for termite prevention. Termite inspections in Scottsdale are a seasonal necessity. By following the methods of protection laid out in your individual plan, you can remain termite free and know that your children won’t have a sudden costly surprise one day. There’s nothing worse than opening an old box of family photos, or getting out some hidden box of treasures from baby’s first milestones and finding those items damaged beyond recognition. Do yourself a favor and have your home inspected, for your peace of mind, and for theirs.



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