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You look out your window to see a termite control truck parked at your neighbor’s house. Bad luck for them, right? Chances are, that means bad luck for you too.

Termites Around the Neighborhood

One single termite colony can spread across a quarter of a mile. So if your neighbors are dealing with termites, chances are, you are too. And, just like humans, termites crave a variety of things to snack on – so even though you you might think your safe – you’ll still want to investigate your metal, sheetrock, furniture, and even food storage for signs of termites. Just because your house isn’t made of a wooden frame – it doesn’t mean it’s completely safe. 

Termites and Precipitation

Termites flock to damp wood – so you’ll often see their appearance after a great deal of precipitation. This is why the spring and fall are big times for termites. More rain means more termites.

Termite Inspection

The best thing you can do to protect your house is to schedule a yearly termite inspection. During this inspection a termite control specialist will take a look around your house to look for any termite damage, such as sagging wood, or evidence of mud tunnels or hollowed out wood. They’ll prepare a formal report that details your findings. If they find evidence of termites, they’ll also be able to provide you with your best termite treatment options, including monitor and baiting stations, fumigation, or other alternatives. Seeing as termite colonies can have such a large span, you might want to let your neighbors know just what your termite inspection discovers. Chances are if you have termites, they do too. Be a good neighbor and schedule your free inspection today!


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