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Termites can be found on almost every continent on the globe. In fact the only state in the U.S. that doesn’t have termites is Alaska. And even though they are so prevalent, most people only know three or four species of termites out of the hundreds of species that exist throughout North America.

Termites Related to Ants?

It’s not hard to understand why termites were once considered to be relatives of the ant – their social habits and appearances are very similar. But in truth, the termite’s closest relative is the cockroach – this might ring true to a lot of you – they’re both annoying pests.

Australian Great Northern Termite

The Great Northern Termite that’s found in Australia is the most primitive of termite species living today. They look as if they are half termite and half cockroach. This species deposits its eggs in a case, just like cockroaches. Their diest is not restricted to wood and cellulose and have been known to damage ivory, leather products, and plants. They do not breed in as great numbers as other species, but when food and water are plentiful there can be significant numbers.

Termite Inspection

Termite infestations are usually first detected during termite inspections. Quite often a homeowner will notice mud tunnels or tubes, damage, or even actual termites. Once termites are detected it’s crucial to remove them. Once they are removed it’s also crucial to protect against future infestations. A trained termite exterminator will be able to assess your home and your home’s needs for termite protection.

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