The Bug House:

A Universal Tool for Pest Control



The bug house is just what it sounds like; a house full of bugs but it’s more than that. The bug house is a teaching tool for pest management professionals. The odd university is in Atlanta Georgia and it’s a 30,000 square foot training center. Among the facility’s unique “classrooms” are a grocery store, a restaurant, a commercial kitchen and a house complete with termites. The house is in various stages of construction so that you can learn to find the insects where they hide, but also locate points of entry. The bug house was put together to allow pest control companies to send their technicians there from all over the country to get hands on experience at “thinking like a bug.”

Bed bugs have their own room at the center, giving you a bug’s eye view of just where they hide and why. One of the interesting points is that the bed bugs will usually stay within about five hundred feet of their feeding ground, the bed, but that doesn’t mean you’ll see them there. These insects like it warm, but not too hot, so one of their favorite places to hide is inside an alarm clock, television set or electrical outlet. New studies have shown that bed bugs will become a health risk if allowed to get out of control, so it’s important to be vigilant. They have made a worldwide comeback this year.

The termite house is the center of attraction at the bug house. Technicians can see the actual mud tubes, termite colonies and termite damage that is ongoing. There are “open walls” exposing wood beams behind glass so that visitors can really see the damage that termites cause.

Termite control in Tempe is well trained in the ways that bugs think and where they hide. The specialists are licensed and trained to deal with the problem pests that plague Arizona homeowners. Your free termite inspection will include a plan of action designed to protect your home and property. The technician can show you where the pests will come in, where and how they hide, and help you learn to “think like a bug” too.


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