The Praise of Indians

as Government Scandals Rise like Termites



I love the imagery of the reporters in the Deccan Herald when they talk about India. This week the piece comes to us from Archana Mishra. There are fourteen Indians who are working to make their communities a better place. They are working for peace and prosperity in spite of these “scandals rising from the woodwork like termites” as Archana says.

Fourteen Indians were honored for their selfless acts in a lavish ceremony presided ove by some of India’s famous stars and dignitaries. One works to aid trafficked children who are put to work in coal mines; another started a maternity hospital for women. The list went on, describing the event.

It strikes me that we are watching the very same thing in America today, when we look at the election rhetoric this year. I don’t know why it takes on such epic proportions when it’s a Presidential Election year. While this dominates the air waves and makes one’s head spin as mud is being slung from one side to the other and back again… I find that maybe the writers in India are right. Politicians are like termites. They seem to chew up all of the actual words that are said, isolate a portion and spit it back out as mud to protect themselves. The other side responds in kind and then we must decide which termite species gets to run our country four the next four years.

I hate it when something makes me wake up. I have often said that we have a choice of who we think will do the least damage where we used to have the choice of who would do the most good for our country. So, I guess if they are all the same it is not so much a matter of who you vote for, simply that you vote. Let your voice be heard, from sea to shining sea. In the end it is the individuals that actually go about doing the selfless good.

Back to Arizona and the reason I am doing this. I am here to raise your awareness of the problem we have with termites in Tempe. Your termite inspection is free, so there is no time like the present to take advantage of that deal. Do your part and see that in the months and years to come there are less termites to worry about and that will give us time to do more good.





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