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Research in Natural Predators for Pest Control



It’s a slow process but the University of Hull continues in this valuable research. Farmers have reduced crop yields every year due to aphids that damage grains. The idea of predatory insects is nothing new, and it’s been tried over and over with varied success. This new research claims they have found a key that could integrate predation with pesticides.

The parasitoid wasp is one of the keys in this ongoing research. The wasp deposits an egg inside the aphid and the resultant larvae eats the aphid which mummifies when it dies, beoming a chrysalis for the larvae. The new wasp eats a hole in the mummified aphid and continues the process. Aphids are prolific, so calculating the number of aphids and the number of wasps is the key. As the wasps reproduce, and the aphid population decreases, then the amount of pesticides can be reduced.

Many farmers complain that the process is too slow and unreliable, but the key is to come into a natural balance. The pesticides must be effective against the aphids and not kill the wasps. This is important research because nature once held a balance that the overuse of pesticides destroyed.

Chemical treatments have come into the twenty-first century with eco-friendly pest control. Each year we get closer to a symbiotic relationship with the beneficial insects and use of integrated pest control measures. Keeping in mind that prevention is the first step in control; many farmers are trying new methods to preserve the natural order. Use of plant chemicals and nematodes as well as natural predators is on the rise.

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