University of Florida:

Bed Bug Study: Potential for Health Risk


A recent University of Florida study has identified bed bugs as a potential health risk in spite of prior belief that this was a nuisance pest. Bed bugs were studied before but their numbers and the amount of infestations were not what they are now.

Previous studies were based on the bugs being fed occasionally as would happen in a hotel setting. In your home they have the potential to feed every day and the new study suggests that this will triple egg production. That’s a real problem because with triple the eggs an infestation grows exponentially and the amount of blood loss could reach the potential to be called a health risk in adults within 15 to 20 weeks. For a one year old that was reduced to eleven weeks. One possible health risk would be anemia, but many people could get sick from blood loss in a full blown infestation.

Now that the preliminary study is done, the University of Florida wants to do case studies with a real infestation. I don’t know what their plans are but I don’t think they will be getting any volunteers for that any time soon.

Bed bugs have become a daily issue in the news and every state seems to be affected. The bugs are notorious hitchhikers and so your bedding should be checked if you have travelled or had visitors. The idea that bed bugs have anything to do with a dirty home is a misconception. You can check your beds by pulling down the covers and looking under your pillows for the little brown spots that indicate a bed bug trail. The bugs are very small and they’re experts at hiding; you may not see them until the infestation is at a very high level.

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