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Scottsdale Termite Professionals have been concerned with the short winter and early spring. Last year’s heavy rains and mild winter weather are a precursor of heavy infestations. The first report, from Southern Mississippi is that the termite invasion is earlier than expected and more severe. Rebecca Powers reported on the termite trouble in her WLOX 13 column on February 22nd and 23rd, 2013. This could mean trouble for Scottsdale residents too, because of the heavy monsoons last summer.



Termites invade South Mississippi sooner than expected:

By Rebecca Powers

Termite season usually runs from March to November. But this year in South Mississippi they’re getting an early start.

With a mild winter here, subterranean termites are out in force. They are on the hunt for a place to nest, eat and multiply.

If you think your home is safe from termites because it’s brick, think again.

“You can wait till you get termites and repair all your damages and then have to have a termite treatment after that. So you’re paying a little more money to pay for damages and treatment versus having the treatment and being done with it. So it’s certainly better to be proactive.” [Tyler Ladner, owner of Alliance Pest Control in Gulfport]


Scottsdale termites are just as aggressive as the termites in Mississippi; the difference here is our arid climate. People who have undetected leaks and moisture sources in their homes are at a higher risk for termite invasion. The biggest problem faced with Phoenix termites is the fact that they eat away at the structural wood for years before damage is evident. The only protection against termites is prevention. A barrier around the home, in the ground can prevent Subterranean termite from taking a foothold. What people don’t realize is that the same barrier will not prevent Drywood Termites.


Drywood termites require a different plan of action than their subterranean relatives. These two species are different in the way they enter the home and in the damage that they do. Trained termite professionals can locate and identify the different types of termites and recommend the best treatment.


Termite Treatments in Scottsdale should be administered by licensed professionals. Chemical handling is controlled by EPA guidelines and the instructions must be followed in order for the treatments to be effective. Make sure you talk to a Scottsdale Termite specialist about a free termite inspection before making a decision on how to treat your home for termites.


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