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Termite Control Scottsdale is termite control with you in mind. Whenever people look for help with a termite problem, or a pest problem, they will invariably come across the terms Integrated Pest Management or IPM. When you read about IPM and see that millions of people are going green, you may wonder how that works for termites and other damaging pests.

Integrated Pest Management is the use of a variety of control and management methods with an emphasis on using the least invasive tactics available to do the job. Termite Control Scottsdale professionals have been doing that all along. The first thing any termite control specialist will tell you is to keep all wood away from your home’s exterior. That includes wood mulch, which is often used as a decorative border. There are alternatives to mulch which make a beautiful border as well, such as river rock, or the new rubber mulch made from recycled products, but containing no wood whatsoever. The benefits of these alternatives are better water retention, weed reduction, and of course creating a barrier that termites are not attracted to.

Here’s what the Lowe’s Home Improvement Blog has to say about Artificial Mulch:


Conceptions and Misconceptions of Artificial MulchIntegrated Pest Management, Rubber Mulch

There’s a lot of misinformation and resulting misconceptions about rubber mulch. Wood mulch has cellulose fibers that absorb water from the ground, whereas rubber mulch, if applied liberally (2-inch depth), creates a vapor, or moisture barrier. As water goes through it, it can’t evaporate up. It stays in the ground along with the nitrogen and potassium.

Rubber mulch also prevents weed growth, Stein says. “Errant weed spores can’t seed on rubber, and unlike wood mulch, the rubber alternative doesn’t come with remnant weed seeds. And you can fertilize your beds just like you normally would do.”

Regarding smell and discoloration, Tilson hasn’t seen a problem. “I’ve had no complaints. The mulch will smell like tires for two or three weeks, but that’s it. For that matter, fresh organic mulch initially smells, too. As for color, I’ve noticed no deterioration after two seasons.”

Stein is impressed with the realistic look of the product. “I’ve had guests staring right at it in my flower beds while asking to see my rubber mulch. Now all I have to do is stop the neighbors from stealing it off my beds to show their friends.”


There are many ways to prevent infestations in your home or garden and out buildings. Remember that distance is just one way. Termites have soft fleshy bodies that cannot endure extreme temperatures or exposure to the elements. The sun can kill a subterranean termite rather quickly, which is why they build mud tubes to protect themselves from exposure. Artificial wood decking, and mulch are alternatives that can deter the little munchers from reaching the real wood inside your home.

Other methods of integrated pest management include plants that are natural insect deterrents; traps and baits which divert insect traffic, and plants which attract good insects to your yard and garden. Good insects prey on the bad guys, allowing your plants to grow without being eaten away by harmful garden pests.

Termites are a special case for integrated pest management. There are no natural predators for termites other than ants, which are a pest themselves; or parasites which are costly and largely ineffective. The easiest method of termite control is prevention. Termite control in Mesa offers free termite inspections which are a great first step of action.

Taking action against termites is part of a complete system of integrated pest management. Termites can harm more than your home; they can infest trees, wood fences and wood posts as well as sheds, barns and garages. Keeping your foundations clear and checking frequently for evidence of termites is recommended. Termite Control Specialists in Arizona are a great source of information on the subject. Be sure to ask questions when your technician goes over your detailed inspection with you. Using integrated pest management requires the best information and you get that from certified termite control technicians.


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