Termite Treatment News: Not all Termites are the Same


Termites account for $5 billion dollars in treatment and repairs each year in the US. This stems from the fact that there are approximately forty-five different species of termites in North America and they fall into three main types. Treatment is based on both the type of termite infestation and the species of termite. Formosan termites are subterranean termites, but do not respond as well to some treatments as others. Drywood and dampwood termites also require different treatments.

Treatment that involves fumigation is usually reserved for termites that actually nest in the walls of your home. Drywood termites do not depend on contact with the soil to survive, as subterranean termites do. Bait stations and the subsequent poisons that they contain will not work for Drywood termites because these termites stay in the home or business, and won’t be passing through the ground to the bait.

It is for this reason, the variety of termites and the different treatments that are available, that termites do so much damage. Many people resort to the cheapest or easiest treatment and don’t realize the chemical will not get rid of their problem.

Using the wrong treatment can actually be worse than using no treatment at all. Homeowners who use the wrong treatment fall into a false sense of security, thinking that their home is safe. Fumigation, for instance, only kills the termites that are present in the house; it only works if the proper dosage is used. Fumigation will not destroy termites in underground nests or the queen. While the chemicals from fumigation may offer temporary protection, once the gas is gone, that protection will wear off. Treatments that may be more effective will spread the poison to the rest of the colony. Termidor, for instance, is shared when the poisoned termite returns to the nest and feeds the larvae or grooms other termites. Fumigation is generally used for Drywood termites and other wood boring insects.

Termite treatment in Phoenix offers several options to protect homes from termite infestation. The first step is a free termite inspection to find out if you have termites or are at risk for infestation. Once a determination is made then the licensed professional can develop a plan of protection designed to defeat the termites threatening your home and property. Simply hiring a company to fumigate your house is not the answer.


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