Wait!! Isn’t that your chair? Here’s what you can do to reclaim your furniture from termites.

How’d They Get to Your Chair?

Drywood and dampwood termites love to live in wood above ground. They actually never even need to come into contact with soil. Oftentimes these pests hitch rides on other pieces of infested wood, such as firewood you bring in, or other pieces of furniture that have been outside. A lot of times people will come home from garage sales with not only new furniture, but new termite neighbors.

What to Look For

Drywood Termite infestations are characterized by the appearance of piles of tiny, light- to golden-brown colored fecal pellets called frass. These usually collect inside or under the infested furniture. The pellets fall directly from where the termites enter the infested wood and build their galleries. If you find evidence of this you’ll want to contact a pest control specialist immediately.

Pest Control Specialist

A pest control specialist will be able to perform a home inspection that will determine if it’s your house that’s infested, or just the furniture. Chances are though, that if one has termites, the other does too. Luckily, a pest control specialist will perform a check of the whole house. If you are dealing with a termite infestation, the specialist will also be able to advise you on next steps to control the termites. There are a wide variety of treatments, and the specialist will work with you to determine what the best one is. There are smaller treatments available too – so if it’s just a piece of furniture, they’ll be able to just isolate their treatment of that piece, rather than having to fumigate or treat your whole home.


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