The termites Scottsdale reports indicate that Arizona is a state where homes are prone to termite infestation. Termites are listed among the pest insects that can cause the most damage to property. They are small, ant-like and work silently and invisibly literally destroying your house under your very nose. Here are a few interesting facts you should know about this pesky insect and its existence in Arizona:

1)   In Arizona about 6 in every 10 properties are affected by termites. This is a highly termite prone area and therefore it pays to know about all you can about this pest, how to prevent it from attacking your home, and how to control it if it already has. Check with your local termites Scottsdale to learn the best ways to prevent and identify signs of infestation.

2)   In less than a year the subterranean termite can multiply and build a colony that counts more than 1 million termites. These termites can move through your foundation timber and any other wood structures at an alarming speed leaving you with nothing bust dust. Ensure that you have your house inspected by a termites Scottsdale professional at regular intervals (1-3 years) to ensure your home stays termite-free.

3)   There is no insurance coverage for property damage caused by termites. Yet, termites destroy more property than all natural calamities rolled together every year. It makes sense that you take all measures possible to ensure that your home is not affected by termites. If your home has already been attacked, then you need to consult a termites Scottsdale professional immediately to see how you can get rid of the pests and arrest further damage.

4)   Subterranean termite queen can lay upto 85,000 eggs per day which means – by rough calculation – that is can have about 30 million eggs per year. No wonder the colonies grow so fast and the damage is so extensive. Contact a reputed termites Scottsdale company to learn what methods are available – both green and chemical – that can prevent termites to build colonies in your home.

5)   Termites once out of their eggs never stop eating. This is the reason they can destroy large properties in relatively short period of time. This is why it is very important that you call a termites Scottsdale expert to inspect your home at regular intervals. Most companies would offer annual extensions at much discounted price. Check out all the costing of anti-termite programs and especially annual inspection.

6)   Termites are very resilient insects and live very long compared to other insects. The queen lives for 30-45 years in conducive climate and environment while the workers live for about 2 years. This is a very long life for a pest – especially when the queen can lay millions of eggs every year. This is one of the reasons why it is imperative that you termite proof your house as soon as possible. Call a termites Scottsdale expert and ensure your house is safe from this one pest that can turn your home to dust.

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